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Sharing Library

You can check out books by writing your name and the date on the card that's in the pocket in the book and then put the card in the file box. When you are through with the book, mark out your name and put the date returned on the card and then put the card back in the book. You can put the book back on the shelf or stack it to be re-shelved.

Don't forget! You can check out books to take to shut-ins, too!

The library was opened in the summer of 2009 and was moved to a new location in the summer of 2013

Three pictures taken July 2014

library 1 library 2 library 3

Picture Taken in October, 2009

library 5

Picture Taken in August, 2009

library 4

Thanks, Jim P., for the lovely bookcases in the library. Thanks, Jennifer V and Betty S for painting, too, and thanks some more, Betty, for all the "interior design" work!