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We hope you find something useful in this collection of resources:

  1. Pastor's Audio Sermons:  In July of 2015, audio recordings of Pastor Keith began being uploaded to the website. Sermons are in reverse chronological order with the most recent sermons at the top. We hope you receive blessings as you listen to the sermons.
  2. Q and A Series: Occassionally, Pastor Keither uses a question/answer format for his article in the monthly newsletter. These have been placed on the website. Included in the series are questions such as, "What happens to a baby when he or she dies?", "Where did Cain get his wife?" and "What does Scripture say we should believe about it?"
  3. Good News! Learn about God's love for us and the Plan of Salvation.
  4. Growing in Grace: Scripture verses arranged to help you in your Christian walk. We pray that these verses will be of benefit to those want to Grow in Grace.
  5. Sharing Faith Online: Technology is a large part of our lives. Find some tips and suggestions to share your faith with others via social networks, email and other online venues.
  6. Video Answers: Video answers to common questions ~ Videos by various pastors or theologians from Vimeo which are embedded on JBC web pages.
  7. Bible Reading Plans: A collection of Bible reading plans - schedules, tips and suggestions
  8. Favorite Links: Links to online Bibles; conventions, organations and associations; devotionals, materials, and ministries; ecards and more favorite sites of members of the Joy Baptist Church, Joy, Texas