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Creating Video Widgets at Vimeo

It's rather simple to create some slideshow/widgets of videos that are stored at vimeo to embed in your own website. You can also make slideshow/widgets of videos uploaded by other folks as long as the video is set as public.

  1. Join
  2. Create and name an "album"'
  3. Visit video page and click the "add" button.
  4. Go to the hubnet page to make your choices of style
  5. Copy the embed code and paste it where you want the video to go.

Here are two examples of slideshows created at Vimeo:

"Video Player" #1: Click on the next button to navigate through the list.

"Video Player" #2: This "slideshow" contains different videos and automatically goes through the list:

The embed code uses iframes. That means that the video is actually showing on a page at Vimeo. The iframe is like a window that allows you to look through this page and see the video that is stored somewhere else.

You can make some "Video Players", too, with the Hubnut widget at Vimeo!